Free Tools For Professional Writers ☆

Even professional writers need tools to help out with their writing and proofreading. There are apps and software that can be used and they are available for free. If you can’t find an editing service that can match your requirements, then you would have to proofread on your own.

Although there is a lot of software out there for writing, it rarely gets used by writers. This is because some of them are too expensive or some might be too complicated to handle. Free software on the other hand, such as those that come with the MS Word, are greatly used by professional writers as well as students.

This article will tell you about some of the available writing and proofreading tools online. These help the writers have a better quality of work and you don’t have to worry about the budget because these tools are free. May these tools help you to create better articles, stories, novels, thesis, dissertations, essays or any other form of literature.

• SpellCheckPlus
With this software, you would have to create your writing inside the provided textbox or you can copy the draft of your work into it. It will check your work for misspelled words as well as grammatical errors. The software is great in looking for missed commas. Although it has a free version, there is a limited number of texts that you can enter and whenever you use the free edition, you will see the pro-version advertisement pop up in your screen.

• After the Deadline is another tool that you can use. It helps check your spelling and grammar. The power of this tool is said to be the same as the spell and grammar checker in MS Word but it would be nice to use this and double check if MS Word had missed anything.

• Ginger is a tool that you have to download and install. Although it is a handy tool that can help enhance your writing, the risk of downloading a virus with it into your computer is present. You should always be careful about your downloads because there might already be a bug with whatever you just installed in your computer.

• Paper Rater is a tool that, in a way, rates your paper or written work. You have to paste your written work on the text box and identify what it is. There is a dropdown menu for you to search on and it also asks your level of education. It asks question so that it can learn more from who you are so that it can rate the paper properly according to your degree.

• Aside from the tools, you can also find a website or a source where common misused words are listed. This will help you to use the right words in context to your sentence. There are lots of sources online and it would be easier for you to use them if you just bookmark the page that is best.